Saab BlackBird Concept Car Looks Like a Plane

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Saab BlackBird Concept Car Looks Like a Plane

Postby Edy » 26 Dec 2010, 11:08

The Saab BlackBird concept car in the picture here might never be more than just a concept. The car is inspired in the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance plane. The car’s made out of solar-friendly material. That’s right your virtual BlackBird would have four electric motors, one for each wheel, all powered by the sun.

Inside the car we’re going to have an LCD display for the driver and a communication panel for the passenger’s seat. The seats are adjustable to fit the occupants.

The Saab concept looks rather bold. It would be fun to see it on the street. But would you actually buy one if given the opportunity?
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