SAAB 99 Finlandia

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SAAB 99 Finlandia

Postby Edy » 04 Apr 2010, 16:20

The prototypes for the Saab 99 Finlandia were made in 1976 at the Uusikaupunki Saab factory in Finland.
The car was lengthened some 25 cm by adding an extra piece to the middle of the body.
The "limo" went to actual production in 1977 when a total of 23 Finlandias were made.
The first prototype, a blue "Proto 1" is currently owned by a member of the Finnish Saab-Club.
Next year, 1978, the car was developed further and the
middle window was removed (20 cars were made). Both the front and rear doors were made 10 cm longer, so the car remained a total of 20 cm longer than a normal Saab 99 Combi-Coupe.
Later, the Saab 900 was adobted for the basis. In 1979 and 1980 a total of 99 Saab 900 Finlandias were made.
From 1981 the model designation changed to Saab 900 CD. A total of 480 CD's were made from 1981 to 1986 and they were all sedans except for one car.

Right: The back seat of some Finlandias were actually two front seats.

Both the Uusikaupunki factory and the Swedish headquarters had interest in developing a lengthened Saab 9000. A prototype long 9000 was produced and it was 15 cm longer than the normal car.
The plans were buried when GM acquired Saab.

The prototype 9000 can be seen at the Uusikaupunki Saab Museum. Only the rear doors are longer than normal, so it takes a trained eye to spot the difference. The car looks quite balanced, it's a shame it never went to production.

Several 99 and 900 Finlandias and CD's are in the possession of Finnish Saabclub members, restored or awaiting restoration.
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Re: SAAB 99 Finlandia

Postby danplux » 25 Feb 2014, 18:44

Dar pe vedeta asta ați văzut-o? Bine, nu este Finlandia, însă e din familie .... Poza este făcută în București. Iar tipa e de-o vârstă cu mine. ... =1&theater
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Re: SAAB 99 Finlandia

Postby andybumbu » 01 Jun 2014, 22:39

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