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The Saab 98 Combi Combi Coupe Prototype was originally planned to be a coupe version of a sedan, based off of the SAAB 96, but the length of the SAAB 95 wagon.

This vehicle nomenclature of the 98 pronounced “ninety eight”, was decided on as it came after the last of the SAAB 97 series that ended the same year this project began, 1974. The internal project name of X14 was used by Saab’s chief designer of the project at the time, none other than Bjaorn Envall.

The other Saab Designer who assembled the Saab 98 was the Italian, Sergio Coggiola who previously designed the SAAB 97 Sonett III.

There were a number of vehicles built in 1975 as well as 1976, but the project was eventually abandoned as Saab at that time believed that they was not enough room in the global market for a vehicle between the Saab 95 and Saab 99.

The last remaining Saab 98 Combi Combi Coupe Prototype was in Sienna Brown and resides at the Saab Museum in Trollhattan, Sweden.
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SAAB 9-5 AERO sedan, 2004, 2.3T 250cp, negru
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