BMW 320d ED vs Saab 9-3 TTID 119g

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BMW 320d ED vs Saab 9-3 TTID 119g

Postby bullet » 14 Apr 2011, 14:40 ... ab-93-ttid



With the price difference is included, you can not justify a purchase of the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics in front 9-3 1.9 TTiD. . Saab gives almost as efficient, more horsepower and more torque at a much lower price, but anyone who wants a modern and funny car, choose the BMW.

PS Daca testau versiunea Griffin, cred ca altul era rezultatul.
PPS Pagina e tradusa din suedeza cu google, asa ca sunt posibile greseli
PPPS Saab rulz :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: BMW 320d ED vs Saab 9-3 TTID 119g

Postby Edy » 15 Apr 2011, 06:08

Aaaa stiam deja ca 9-3ul este in fata bemveului..; auzi la ei "funny car", sa vezi ce funny o sa fie cand merge cu ea in service! :lol:
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