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Postby Edy » 14 Feb 2010, 21:51

Dear Saab rescue community,

weeks of tensions and excitement but with a great success are now behind us. The sale of Saab Automobile AB operated by General Motors to Spyker Cars NV should be finished at February 15th 2010. The government guarantee by the Swedish government for the loan obligation of the European Investment Bank as the last one obstacle is now sanctioned by the subsidy regulations of the European Unit. The EU commission has established, that 82,2 % of the planned Swedish government guarantees are comply with the conditions of the EU preliminary subsidy framework. Saab will do an adequate payment for the guarantees as well as they will have enough bankable collateral just in case for recourse the credit. Neelie Kroes, the EU Commissioner for competitions, has declared: “The government guarantee will to be contributing to the realization of the Saab business plan without excessive distortions of competitions.”

That’s the actually available facts.

We from “rescue Saab” were able to speak to Mr. Victor R. Muller, CEO Spyker Cars, and also to Mr. Jan-Ake Jonsson. Both of them are the front men of this deal. They send warm greetings to the Saab rescue community as well as them sincerely thanks for the worldwide encouragement during the last turbulent months. Activities like “rescue Saab” are the reasons for the attractivity of Saab and also for the purchase of this traditional car label by Spyker.

What’s up with “rescue Saab”? The reactions to our news, especially to the last newsletter witch contains the most delightful news of the year, are convince ourselves to continue “rescue Saab”, perhaps as a forum also as a platform for Saab owners as well as Saab enthusiasts all over the world. Please make suggestions how to introduce the future of “rescue Saab”.

The picture mosaic with your photos, pictures and some Saab convoy impressions was updated and is prepared for download. Please look at our website for actually download banners.

Mission accomplished! Saab rescued!

Kind regards,

Your Rescue Saab Team Dresden/ Germany
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